A bag that guides you and protects you during your urban trips ? The Galuchon will be your light in the urban jungle..


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Galanck - Sac à dos connecté lumineux GPS

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Galanck has developed an application that accompanies the Galuchon: load a route, add points of steps to your journeys, change the color of your lights or the light patterns of the bag.


You will not have to watch your phone while driving, or try to read and memorize the names of all the streets: let yourself be guided by the vibrations of Galuchon which will indicate you which direction to follow


The Galuchon has been designed to make your life easier. Launch your favorite home-work, you are assured that the indicators will be triggered at the right moment on your trip!


"The gualuchon is 4 in 1, stylish and comfortable, while ensuring the safety of being visible on the road at night thanks to its flashing lights system. In addition to that it has the ability to make pedestrians and drivers smile during my rides in the city ✌ . Galuchon, a new style to ride in the city! "

Natalia G. - 30 JAN 2019

"Le Galuchon accompanies me to high school and travel.Practical, stylish, it lights up and astonishes you to allow everyone to open their eyes and see you from far away.Total security! "

Florence M - 2 FEV 2019

"I discovered the Galuchon during a show in Paris. The product seemed very interesting, that is the main reason why I let myself be tempted to buy it. And I did very well! I use the Galuchon for all my bike trips and it only has positive points, my visibility is increased, my journeys are safer, and the users around me are informed of my changes of direction - really a wonderful product."

Delplanque  -  1 JAN 2019